Vaxxit S.r.l. (Rome, Italy) is an early-stage biopharmaceuticals company developing vaccines against HIV, Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) and M. Tuberculosis (TB), all WHO global health priorities.


The lead product, TatImmuneTM, has been developed with Africa in mind. TatImmune is a novel therapeutic vaccine for people with HIV on antiretroviral therapy (ART). Successfully tested in Italy and South Africa in 314 volunteers of different race, sex, ART regimen and virus type. Proven in Phase II studies showing strong humoral and cellular responses against HIV and steep reduction of the virus reservoir. 


TatImmune works where ART fails, working alongside it and compensating its serious therapeutic shortfalls, among others: no effect on the virus reservoir that is the main cause of chronic immune activation and immunodeficiency; poor response to therapy (low CD4 T cell recovery) and non-adherence to therapy (virus rebound, CD4 T cell decay). Among therapeutic HIV vaccines in the clinic, TatImmune is the most advanced. Phase III studies are planned in South Africa, Europe and USA.


Vaxxit seeks investors and commercial companies as partners and mentors for building a strong management team for the way forward to phase III studies and commercialization. Enquiries are welcomed.


Founded in July 2012, Vaxxit operates primarily in outsourcing and through research and commercial collaborations. Co-founder and CEO, Dr Giovanni Cozzone has led operations in close collaboration with senior scientists and industry professionals having more than 200 years of aggregate experience in vaccine development.


  • European and international grant applications: several Italian and European public research and university partners in grant consortia

  • Clinical research: the TV PPP-004 consortium of the South African studies

  • Fundraising from Foundations: the Tat Vaccine Partnership, a public-private partnership promoting grant applications and soliciting international foundations to support TatImmune paediatric trials in South Africa

  • GMP Manufacturing: Diatheva Srl (Fano, Italy), historic manufacturer of TatImmune

  • Marketing and distribution: strong interest from the largest producer/distributor of ART regimens in the world

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(LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/giovannicozzone/),

B.A., V.M.D., Vaxxit’s co-Founder and CEO

Senior executive with 40 years experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, venture capital and intellectual property advisory industries. Expert in spin-off/start-up formation, IP management and valorization